Wedding Photos


Well you know how when it comes to choosing a wedding photographer you have got to balance the quality you want with the investment you think your memories are worth.


But some Brides have figured out how to get good quality wedding photos whilst keeping an eye on their wedding budget. How?


You know that you can't get a Rolls Royce for Ford Fiesta money, but... Because nearly all wedding photographers work independently it is possible to find some bargains.


Great Wedding Photos


So how can you make sure you will have lasting memories of your wedding day to look back on?



If your loved one was having an operation, how much experience would you want the surgeon to have? As wedding photographers experience is still important. Every PWP photographer has over 5 years experience and has been properly trained, most photographers have over 20 years experience.


Photography Equipment

Whilst the wedding photographer composes the photo, the camera has to take it. What if it breaks down, are there spares? PWP photographers carry at least one spare camera, usually two and other spare photographic equipment too.

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Wedding Albums


When it comes to displaying your wedding photos, there are lots of ways to do this. But the best and most popular way is in a wedding album.


Well you know how when it comes to picking a wedding album there are so many to choose from and its difficult to tell the quality just by looking at pictures on the internet.


It took PWP 5 long years of trying different wedding albums from all over the world to find one that they, and many others see as the best.




Graphistudio hand make their wedding albums in Italy and because they are handmade they give you the flexibility to choose from personalised covers, page thickness, the paper it is printed on and how many pages you want.


PWP and their couples are so impressed with these Graphistudio wedding albums that they don't use albums from anyone else.


When you couple the renowned Graphistudio quality with the creative skills of the PWP wedding album designers you have an unbeatable combination.


If time is important to you, you can have your wedding album personally delivered to your door in around two months! Now that is fast.

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