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Portrait Wedding Photographers?


Well we could spend hours and hours explaining why we think we represent the best value for money wedding photographers in the UK.


Not just the best value, but the most experienced and the most caring.


We think it would be a lot more credible if our past Brides explained what they thought of our photographic services.


In this video, also available on our You Tube channel Duncan explains how you can visit our Google page and have a look at the reviews left by those brides.




Portrait Wedding Photographers has 6 times as many reviews and Google has awarded us with a review rating of 30 out of 30



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wedding photographers testimonial - thank you for capturing every single moment
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What do most couples look for in a Wedding Photographer?


Reading all the reviews and listening to what couples say about Portrait Wedding Photographers, it seems that great photography isn't at the top of the list as to why we are so trusted and recommended.


Obviously having 28 years experience as professional wedding photographers, couples rightly assume that the high standard of photography is a given.


Have a read of what Brides are saying on Google (CLICK HERE). You will see that they really appreciate the extra lengths our wedding photographers go to, to ensure their day goes smoothly and effortlessly.


Because we love the full coverage weddings from Bridal Prep through to first dance, people get to know us really well. We are seen, more as friends than as photographers.


This very fact means that those natural shots are much easier to achieve, and all our photographs have a relaxed feel to them.


Before we leave, on the evening we always say goodbye to you the couple, the bridesmaids, the bestman, ushers, mums and dads, brothers and sisters. Because now it feels like everyone is part of the PWP family - and you are!




Trust & Reliability


Should be number one on everyone’s list whether you're buying a toaster or wedding photography. But is it?


Reliability is easy to ensure, it is expensive but easy to implement. What is PWP reliability?


For starters we have more than one photographer, so that should another swine flu epidemic hit, your wedding memories are safe. Each photographer takes 2 to 4 cameras to each wedding, with back up batteries, memory cards and spare flash guns. Once captured your wedding photos are stored in 3 to 4 different places, one of those being on a secure server on the cloud. How many other photographers go to these lengths? Not enough!


Trust - Trust is cheap but very difficult to get. it takes years and years of doing your job well and satisfying hundreds of couples to build up trust. Some trust can be just surface deep and couples must check reviews and feedback to make sure they are not being "spun a yarn". PWP wedding photographers have spent years building trust with their couples. We have several systems in place to ensure equipment is checked before a wedding, that all images are backed up and that all images and wedding alums are edited to the same high standards of quality that all brides expect.



Belt & Braces


So you have done the right things, checked up on your photographers feedback, so that's your belt and chances are things will work out just fine. PWP like to offer you an additional safety net - your braces.


You may be aware that if you pay for products or services with your debit or credit card, the issuer of your card offers you additional guarantees. A few years ago some photographers took cash payments and never turned up at the wedding!


Here at PWP we like to offer you that added security blanket of payment by card. Of course you may still use whatever method you prefer.


Best Wishes for your wedding x DM

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