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Wedding Photographers 9 Checks



Helping you choose reputable, reliable, professional wedding photographers


1. Are you able to pay with a Credit or Debit Card?

With so many businesses going bust, we recommend paying by card, for your safety and protection.


2. Do they have Back up plans in case of illness or accident?

We have more than one photographer, providing back up cover if required.


3. How many different wedding albums can they show you?

All experienced photographers will have around 10 sample albums


4. Can they show you genuine customer testimonials?

We have many spread around this literature, on Google and in lots of thank you cards


5. Do they have a team of graphic designers who can create special effects and beautiful albums for you?

We do, and should you choose an album we only recommend the world’s best GraphiStudio from Italy.


6. Do they know other wedding service providers who could help you save time and money?

We know providers of Dresses, Flowers, Cakes, Jewellery, Room Dressing, DJs, Cars and Limos.


7. How long does it take to see your proofs?

Some Brides have to wait months or more than a year, we provide yours in less than a week


8. Do they only advertise a mobile number?

Many non-professionals do this as they are at work through the week, we are full-time professionals


9. Are they fully qualified and experienced?

We have over 27 years experience and became Master Photographers in 2005.